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The Pledge is a global initiative aimed to show intent to adopt our ethical framework and principles into your data work.

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When you sign the Pledge, you show intent to adopt the Global Data Ethics framework and principles into your data work. Your signature shows an intent to commit to the FORTS framework, which stands for Fairness, Openness, Reliability, Trust, and Social Behavior, along with the principles (described below) in your data work. Signing the Pledge acts as a “show of hands” for this community-driven, industry-agnostic Hippocratic Oath for data work.

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I Commit to Adopt

By signing the pledge above, you commit to adopt Fairness, Openness, Reliability, Trust, and Social Benefit into your data work, along with the set of 10 principles.

How we define the FORTS framework, along with the principles, which include concepts of privacy, transparency, consent, bias, diversity and ethical imagination, are below.

Download a copy of the full FORTS framework and complete principles here.

I adopt FORTS
  1. Consider informed and purposeful intent
  2. Make best effort to guarantee security of data
  3. Make best effort to protect anonymous data subjects
  4. Practice responsible transparency
  5. Foster diversity
  6. Acknowledge and mitigate unfair bias
  7. Hold up datasets with provenance
  8. Respect relevant tensions of stakeholders
  9. Communicate responsibly
  10. Exercise ethical imagination; increase benefit, prevent harm


I will make make a dedicated effort to understand, mitigate and communicate the presence of bias in both data practice and consumption.


I will practice humility and openness. Transparent practices, community engagement, and responsible communications are an integral part of my data ethics practice.


I will ensure that every effort is made to glean a complete understanding of what is contained within data, where it came from, and how it was created. I will also extend this effort for future users of all data and derivative data.


I wish to build public confidence in data practitioners. I will make every effort to use data and algorithms in ways that maximize the informed participation of people around the world.

Social benefit

I set people before data and intend to be responsible for maximizing social benefit and minimizing harm. I will consider the impact of my work on communities of people, other living beings, ecosystems and the world-at-large.

Privacy Policy

Upon signing, you will receive additional information on how to join working Data for Democracy project teams, submit a new project, and more. We encourage and welcome your engagement there! Also, we won’t share your contact information with any outside entities because, ethics. We *will* send a follow-up email and communications, which you can opt out of as you please, and we welcome any degree of participation with our global community.