Policy Work

Our work shapes a better future by defining and supporting social change in a public forum.

What we do

Our community has policy positions on which we feel that data and technology should interact with society. We advocate for those through op eds and major publications as well as work closely with legislators and lawmakers in an advisory capacity to help them develop thoughtful policy that will improve the way that data and technology affects legislation and policy and interacts with society. By working closely with lawmakers, we’re able to help them understand the mechanics on the relationship between government and the tech industry and begin to bridge the gap between policy and change.

In the press

“Through a series of unintended consequences, algorithms have inadvertently become the invisible rulers that control the destinies of millions. Now we have to decide what we are going to do about that.”

The Yale Review

“There’s a real need to try to understand inauthentic cross-platform distribution, and the only way that we can do that is through collaboration with third-party researchers and government”

Venture Beat

“It’s the beginning of a series of hard decisions about how to balance the preservation of free speech ideals with the need to reduce the impact of all accounts that rely on manipulative tactics”


We need people like you

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