Climate Action Plan - City of San Diego

D4D partnered directly with the City of San Diego to help design, build, and maintain sustainable products for the city. The goal was to use the city's open data portal to generate active reports and tools for the citizens of the city.

In December 2015, the City of San Diego put in place a "Climate Action Plan" with the goal of cutting GHG emissions significantly and moving the city to renewable energy by 2035. The plan aligns around three phases, the first of which runs through the end of 2017 and is geared toward pushing large emissions reductions. The city has managed to capture a ton of great data, and there's plenty of information out there about the CAP's initiatives. What the city wants to know is what (if any) the impact has been so far of the CAP. Additionally, who doesn't love a good set of KPIs to measure success against? This is a great opportunity to identify what the proper metrics should be for the purpose of measuring the results of the CAP. Whether this is in dashboard form or an analysis on the impact of the CAP on those metrics is yet to be determined!