Immigration Connect

Supporting non-profits working on immigration issues

Context for work that has been completed since D4D's beginning

It is primarily data analysis & visualization, and we support NILC for gathering evidence which could then be submitted to the courts.

Essentially we extract insights and create interesting stories around data, so that people(Lawyers/Attorneys/Judges/Jury/anybody) i.e decision makers can make sense of it for arriving at data driven decisions.

Some of the awesome work achieved through this group was
- Data Analysis & Visualization of historical data on Refugees' entering the USA, to create a case against the Muslim Country Ban
- Data Analysis & Visualization on historical terrorism data to proving that homegrown terror poses more risk than from refugees escaping war and inhumane conditions from around the world
- Measuring the negative impact of revoking DACA
. . . among others.

The skillset often varies, but a decent exposure to R, Python, Excel, Tableaushould get you started on most projects.
I personally love using leaflet/plotly/higcharter among other interactive data visualization packages.
If you are good at creating web applications that would be very beneficial too!

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